Our name

We started looking for retirement homes several years ago. After lots of searching we settled on a property outside of Morehead, Kentucky. As you drive through Kentucky, you will notice several of the counties have quilt patterns documented on barns. Our barn has the “Wanderer’s Path in the Wilderness,” or “Drunkard’s Path” quilt patch on it. Through my life I have had the privilege of living and traveling all over the world. I ‘wandered,’ but seemed to find my destination here on the farm.  With the encouragement from my husband and my mother (a lifelong quilter) I started quilting for others. And, Wandering Path Quilting, LLC was born.

My love of quilting

As a child, I remember my grandmother having several friends over to ‘finish’ a quilt. This group of ladies gathered around a frame, and began hand quilting a top Grandmother had finished. They chatted, laughed, shared news and of course ate! For the most part, the designs were not complex (after all, these were utility quilts), but they were always lovely. I think that was when I fell in love with quilting. I’ve always loved the colors and patterns that could be made into a quilt top. As we moved around, my mother (a prolific quilter) continued to quilt – first by hand, later by machine. I loved the way quilting enhanced the tops and made them even more beautiful. I knew I wanted to be a part of the community of quilters.

How I got here

One of the instructors as an AQS Paducah quilt show asked which part of quilt making was my passion. I realized it was the quilting itself! After being told by quilters the Gammill machines were industry leading and the best on the market, I researched each of them. My research included taking several training classes for different machines to see how they performed, and their ease of use. I found because of the Gammill quality, training, service availability and warranty was indeed the best value. Furthermore, a big plus is the folks who are in the Gammill family are quilters themselves!  I purchased my Gammill Statler in 2017 and have been quilting for others and myself since then.  A great testimonial to the precision and quality of Gammill stitching was when I won a blue ribbon in the first show I ever entered.